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Past 4 months at BMD

BMD moved to new facilities at Creative Science Park BMD office are now located in the Creative Science Park, located near the University of Aveiro. The aim of the new hub is to facilitate cooperation between the University of Aveiro; local … Read More

MONTRA: An agile architecture for data publishing and discovery

Biomedical data catalogues are a commonly used to capture and present information about a specific kind of entity. However, the construction of a web-based catalogue for a particular scenario normally implies the development of a specific and dedicated solution. A … Read More

BMD has its new office at Creative Science Park

On March 6, the official opening of the Creative Science Park, also called ‘Parque de Ciência e Inovação’ took place. The opening was inaugurated with a visit to the different buildings, following a brief introduction to some of the companies … Read More

European OHDSI Symposium

Interoperability and sharing of data have been top concerns in the telemedicine debate. BMD has been involved in OHDSI to contribute to the creation of solutions in this area. OHDSI’s aim is to promote collaboration between different disciplines and stakeholders … Read More

BMD at the eHealth summit 2018

The area of e-health, in which healthcare is supported by electronic processes and communication, has become increasingly recognised in the past few years. We want to stay updated on the latest developments in this area to ensure that we offer … Read More

BMD attends Arab Health 2018

BMD attended Arab Health 2018, which took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 29 January till 1 February. Arab Health is the largest convention connecting healthcare companies, technology, products and services in the Middle East and North Africa. This … Read More

BMD involved in the ACTTiVAte project

BMD is now enrolled in the ACTTIVATe project. ACTTiVAte is an undertaking supporting SMEs, co-funded by Horizon 2020 – the EU programme for research and innovation. The aim of the ACTTiVAte project is to foster innovation in SME’s in various … Read More

MEDICA Trade Fair

We have been in the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry, in Düsseldorf from 13 – 16 November 2017 showing our products. We also participated in MEDICA – Healthcare Brokerage Event. “MEDICA have always had a high degree of international impact and … Read More

BMD is contributing to Leishmaniasis control in Ethiopia

A BMD team developed a open-source EHR solution for the Leishmaniasis Research and Treatment Centre in Gondar, Ethiopia. In this era of evidence based medical practice, low and middle income countries (LMICs) are significantly affected by the scarcity of locally generated … Read More

General guidelines for biomedical software development

In the scope of the MedBioinformatics project and with the collaboration of the Elixir Hub team, BMD published in F1000Research a set of recommendations targeted at biomedical software developers aimed at achieving a good balance between fast prototyping, and robustness and long term maintenance. See … Read More