European Platform for Neurodegenerative Diseases (EPND) – Second Annual Meeting

We are proud to participate again in a successful European Platform for Neurodegenerative Diseases (EPND) meeting in picturesque Athens, bringing together representatives from our 29 partner organizations. At EPND, our commitment to advancing neurodegenerative disease research was highlighted through significant milestones in year 2, such as the launch of the EPND Cohort Catalogue connecting scientists with 72 research cohorts and the release of Biomarker SOPs supporting researchers and biobanks in addressing technical challenges.

Some of the highlights of our mission in year 2, including:

  • Launch of the EPND Cohort Catalogue, a searchable interface to help scientists discover and connect with 72 neurodegeneration research cohorts over 13 disease areas, representing >220,000 research participants from across Europe and beyond. Discover the Catalogue:
  • Release of the EPND Biomarker SOPs, designed to support researchers, laboratories and #biobanks in overcoming some of the technical challenges they may face when collecting, storing, processing or analysing biosamples.



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