• We Are BMD

    Building the future of healthcare.
    The company is grounded on the 20-years experience of its members
    on innovative biomedical applications, from bioinformatics to medical imaging.

  • PACScenter is a complete medical imaging platform for patient studies storage,
    visualization and sharing, enabling simple and efficient workflows.

  • CardioBox is a centralised ECG management platform with tele-reporting functionalities,
    enabling costs reduction and faster interaction workflows.

  • NeoScreen is a Web platform for decision support in
    newborn screening programs based on MS/MS technology.

  • Savvy provides applications and services for highly-accurate and assisted
    biomedical information extraction from scientific literature.

We build smart solutions with simplified workflows.

For Clinicians

At BMD we are focused on delivering the best technological solutions for clinical practice worldwide. Our award-winning products provide intuitive user interfaces and offer features directed for clinicians.

For Researchers

Our team is composed by highly-skilled biomedical researchers with computer science background. We are able to create new modern solutions to solve complex research problems and allow you to focus on the research, not the tools.

For Health Entities

We have been developing computational and information systems for health during the last decade, acquiring a solid background from this experience.

Smart solutions with simplified workflows tailored to your needs

Our solutions are actively featured on reference media.