Consulting services that add value to your business

The expertise and scientific recognition of our company gives us a strong position to provide consulting services to our customers in multiple fields.

Information system for healthcare

  • Expertise in healthcare professionals’ needs
  • Innovative user interactions
  • Customised solutions for biomedical applications

Medical imaging

  • Advanced PACS solutions
  • Vertical DICOM product integration
  • Medical imaging visualization and indexing
  • Telemedicine solutions
  • Cloud-based medical ICT infrastructures

Text mining in biomedicine

  • Named entity recognition and normalization
  • Relation and event mining
  • Context-based analysis
  • Interactive and assisted curation
  • Indexing and semantic search

Life sciences data integration

  • Distributed data aggregation
  • Information analysis workflows
  • Biomedical services development and composition

Semantic Web

  • Ontology adoption and development (OWL)
  • Advanced information triplification (RDF)
  • Semantic data publishing (LinkedData and SPARQL)
  • Semantic Web migration platforms
  • Semantic knowledge management & exploration services