NeoScreen is a complete platform for decision support in newborn screening programs based on MS/MS technology, allowing the detection of abnormalities related to metabolic diseases.

Why NeoScreen?

Cloud-ready centralized management

Access sample data from any device, anywhere at anytime, using advanced and carefully built diagnostic tools for effective patient care.

Quality control

Take advantage of pre-defined quality control patterns to automatically and precisely identify acquisition faults, which are reported to the healthcare professional.

Faster diagnosis

NeoScreen imports MS/MS results providing a stratified view of the samples, from the normal up to most severe cases, optimizing the daily lab analysis workflow.


Brief overview.

Key features.

Highly customization and multi-language

Vast set of customizable features to fit each laboratory specific procedures and data structures.

Data analysis, integration and storage

All data processed is kept in a long-term database, allowing the calculation of percentiles for each metabolite.

Powerful search

The user can search by individual, day, disease, diagnosis, concentration or selected individuals.


Easily create reports based on imported sample data, detected abnormalities and specific diagnosis.


Multiple threshold levels are associated with each rule, providing a rank for each imported sample.

Fast diagnosis

Ability to apply diagnosis by category, allowing faster and more precise diagnostics.

Statistical analysis

Ability to export daily, monthly or yearly statistics regarding input metabolites and specific diagnosis.

Import and export

Mass spectrometry results from several manufacturers can be imported into NeoScreen. The final results can also be exported into standard formats to be used outside the system.

Dramatically improve newborn screening analysis management.

Interface overview.

Who can use NeoScreen?

Build a network of institutions and healthcare professionals, creating agile partnerships without having to deal with the complexity of technical solutions.

Multidimensional value proposition.


  • Simplified quality control
  • Reduce human resources costs
  • Improve internal interaction workflows

Healthcare professional

  • Faster and computer-aided diagnosis
  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals for improved diagnosis


  • High precision quality assessment
  • Better patient care with faster diagnosis
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