PACScenter is a complete medical imaging platform for patient studies storage, visualization and sharing, enabling simple and efficient workflows.

Why PACScenter?

Fully Web Workstation

Access medical imaging studies from any device with native-like experience, including advanced diagnostic tools, reporting, sharing, pre-fetching and multi-monitor support.

Decisions anywhere and anytime

Securely access and diagnose medical imaging studies from any device at anytime.

Paperless and filmless

Reduce costs and improve diagnosis by taking advantage of collaborative features, enhancing health professionals and patients collaboration.


Powerful yet simple, meet the key features.


Keep patient information safe and secure without commitments.


Smart storage with advanced search capabilities.


Patients and healthcare professionals can have access to patient data from any device at anytime.


Easily create patient studies reports with key images, audio and text.


Share patient studies and reports instantly with patients and healthcare professionals.


Connect geographically distant institutions for centralized management.


Save time and money with productive workflows.


Collect imaging studies continuously for instant access, considering workstation modalities and physicians roles.

Dramatically improve medical imaging management
with efficient interaction workflows.

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Interface overview.

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Multidimensional value proposition.

Imaging center

  • Remove supplies costs.
  • Reduce IT costs.
  • Enables external specialists collaboration between physicians and healthcare professionals.
  • Better diagnosis with improved collaboration between physicians and healthcare professionals.


  • Safe and direct access to medical imaging studies from any device at anytime.
  • No need to carry physical supplies to share an imaging study.
  • Share studies with other physicians for second opinion.


  • Safety access to patient studies, from any device at anytime.
  • Collaborate with other physicians by sharing patient studies for improved diagnosis.
  • Perform diagnosis for several imaging centers without leaving the confort of your chair.

Who can use PACScenter?

Build a network of institutions and healthcare professionals, creating agile partnerships without having to deal with the complexity of technical solutions.

What can it do for you?

Abdominal imaging

Breast imaging and Tomosynthesis

Cardiovascular imaging


Musculoskeletal imaging

Thoracic Imaging



Multiple installation options available.


Dramatically reduce IT costs by safely and securely outsourcing medical imaging management.

Local servers

Make your servers the center of the medical imaging workflow, enabling collaboration with healthcare professionals and patients.

How it works?



Medical imaging diagnosis on any
device at anytime.

Please contact us for further information, so we can build a custom solution for your needs and demands.