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News from “IMAGE-IN: Imaging infections – integrated multiscale visualization of infections and host response”: meet Mahyasadat!

Last year, in the scope of the IMAGE-IN, we have presented Yubraj and Rodrigo, which were going to spend a few months at BMD starting their Ph.D.’s. Now, Mahya comes directly from the Leibniz-Institut für Photonische Technologien e.V. to join … Read More

Still using gzip? Tackling data compression in modern medical imaging systems

Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) still stand as a cornerstone to medical imaging workflows, driving the technological breakthroughs which enhance clinical decision and make medical imaging data easier and faster to access and process. A perspective of scale is … Read More

New achievement in PACScenter: official recognition by Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health

Amazing news for PACScenter. The solution was registered in Kazakhstan as a Medical Device by the Ministry of Health! PACScenter is now registered under Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health, in accordance with the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the … Read More

Exciting news in NeoScreen: multiple diagnoses feature

NeoScreen is now in version 3.6.1 and supports multiple disease diagnoses, making it more flexible for your laboratory to perform screenings and export the results. NeoScreen is a complete platform for decision support in newborn screening programs based on MS/MS … Read More

PathoBox: annotations and tools

You may have read about PathoBox. It is the most recent digital pathology image viewer. Keep reading this post to know everything you can do with it.  PathoBox is still a recently released application, but it is already an extremely … Read More

PathoBox: a new digital pathology web-based viewer

Did you know BMD has been developing an innovative solution for whole slide digital pathology image viewing? Know how it works. While radiology has been thriving with advanced platforms for image viewing and archive, clinical pathology is now on its … Read More

Our commitment to Quality: a different year, with an improved level of excellence

The years pass and the level of quality only improves at BMD Software. Once more, we have gone through an intensive process of surveilling our quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, which guarantee quality in … Read More

Accelerating the discovery and validation of biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases – The EPND Initiative

BMD is participating in a new European initiative that will build a collaborative platform for data and sample sharing, to accelerate the discovery and validation of biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases EPND (European Platform for Neurodegenerative Diseases)  will begin a five-year … Read More

Slab feature in PACScenter: How does it work?

The slab feature in PACScenter allows you to create a compressed 2D view of the same volume by projecting pixel values of adjacent slices (MIP) to emphasize image characteristics. Volumetric scans such as CT and MRI series can be processed … Read More

Why Rust in medical imaging? A reflection on modern technologies for next generation systems

Modern digital imaging technologies have brought forth a plethora of innovative and immensely useful applications. From the moment a medical study arrives, doctors can easily and conveniently visualize high quality imaging series on their workstations, and even through mobile devices … Read More