Webinar — “Navigating in the Future in Medical Imaging”

BMD Software in partnership with APIMR (Portuguese Association of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy) organized a Webinar about advanced technologies of Medical Imaging on April 10th.

Titled “Navigating the Future in Medical Imaging,” the webinar’s focal points were centered around themes in the landscape of medical imaging:

  • Patient Privacy and Security — Anonymization, Access, and Sharing

  • Teleradiology — Versatile Network Architectures and PACS Cloud

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms applied to Medical Imaging

These topics attracted an audience of 66 participants, who searched not only for the current challenges but also the promising progress for innovation within the field.

One of the discussions revolved around the imperative of ensuring patient privacy in the digital medical images, focusing on the security and privacy protocols and emphasizing the criticality of anonymization, access management, and secure data sharing practices.

Furthermore, the webinar provided a comprehensive exploration of the AI applications in medical imaging, giving insights into how AI algorithms are revolutionizing diagnostic accuracy, treatment planning, and patient outcomes.

Particularly, the discussion about AI Algorithms applied in real-world examples of Medical Imaging, surrounded some use cases and research projects in the area, namely in Radiotherapy. It was presented the MONAI Label Platform — an open-source project that aids the build and application of AI models in all medical imaging stages (https://www.bmd-software.com/news/monai-label-an-emergent-standard-for-ai-medical-imaging/). This initiative focuses on enhancing surgical planning and digital intraoperative localization in breast cancer cases, presenting innovative solutions for mastectomy reconstruction and tissue mapping.

The webinar concluded with a forward-looking view on the evolving landscape of medical imaging, and the commitment of BMD Software to excellence and innovation in healthcare, driving meaningful advancements in patient care and clinical outcomes.

With the promise of AI, coupled with a dedication to patient privacy and safety, the future of medical imaging holds boundless possibilities for transformative change.

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