In the first time, please use: user=”admin” and passwd=”admin”

What is CardioBox?

CardioBox is a plug-and-play tele-ECG platform that uses a regular electronic mailbox and its protocols to support the core of the telemedicine information system and associated data procedures. Using an Internet service instead of a server-based infrastructure means that no expertise is required to setup a telemedicine central, furthermore allowing your work group the freedom to work from any place. Upgrading your working experience doesn’t mean you have to invest a lot of financial resources: the CardioBox platform is free and you only pay per use.

How to use?

You just need a Windows XP/Vista/7 personal computer with the Microsoft .Net Framework, and an email account with IMAP. Test it with the following ECG demo files

First time video


How to use


In each ECG reading centre we recommend the usage of our secure Feeder that automatically sends new exams to CardioBox. Click here to download it free.



End-users, namely the technicians responsible for the acquisition of ECG, are provided with a simple application to upload the procedures into the email centre. It is possible to select a directory containing procedures previously received from acquisition equipment. The files are introduced in a compressed container that is ciphered with a soft-coded encryption key. The software can work in automatic mode (i.e. service mode) in which a file system monitor intercepts file creation events and, according to the kind of data, triggers specific actions.

The tele-ecg reviewing software consists of a standalone application with various functions. When this application starts, it requests the user’s authentication credentials. After successful authentication, the software will check the Incoming folder for service requests associated with the session user. Now, the procedures can be accessed, analyzed and reported. A PDF report document will be generated with the physician’s digital signature. The report is then encrypted and deposited in the central outbox area. When desired, the reviewer can use the “send all” button to send the reports to the technician’s email account.



All-In-One Console

Review console congregates all important funcionalities (Menus, Buttons, ECG visualization, Report Area, Outbox Reports, etc).


Configurable visualization (curves layout, graphical box, time scale, amplitude scale, zoom, etc).

Tele-Central Access

Portable Review Console (no setup).
Real time access to central areas (Incoming, Past Requests, Reports).
Management funcionalities included.

Local Operation Mode

Supports Intranet reporting based on file server.


Improved text report functionalities. Supports automatic sentences/terms translations.
PDF output report (sent to clients) includes ECG curves, administrative and reporting elements.

Signal Filtering

ECG Filtering: Baseline Wander and High Frequency.

Fiducial Points Adjustment

Intuitive and graphical adjustment of fiducial points.

Secure Feeder

A client-side feeder module compresses, ciphers and sends ECG to the Central.
Sending via common email browser is also possible.


Multiple ECG formats: Mortara, Annotated ECG (HL7/FDA), SCP, GE




Email Box account.
Server with IMAP access.

Client – Ecg Acquisition

Electrocardiographic equipment.

A Windows-based workstation to sent ECG to Central and receipt PDF reports (using email messages).

Reporting Console – Cardiologist

A Windows based workstation to review and report procedures.



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