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    Dicoogle Pro safeguards your DICOM images providing a
    rich-search capabilities.


Transparent integration with existent DICOM equipment

SOPClasses, TransferSyntexes and custom development

Robust and certified solution in high demanding environments

Clusters with Kubernetes, Docker, etc

Encryption On-the-Fly and De-identification

Real-time data encryption and de-identification capability for protecting privacy of data

Enhanced Access Control List

Allow only the access to specific users and modalities.

Easy migration (import or export)

It allows to easily import the data from different PACS legacy


DICOM, HL7, FHIR, IHE XDS-I.b compatible

Query any DICOM field

We have the capability to search in any DICOM fields from all
modalities, not only the standrds ones.

Distributed database

Scalable and distributed search capabilities

Compression of the medical archives

Lossless and lossy compression mechanisms



Modality Worklist Server

Connect to your RIS and provides the schedule exams to be
consumed by the modalities

Cloud Ready-to-Go

Amazon AWS, Google, etc.

Distributed environments and DICOM data mining

Capability to measure the productivity, number of exams weekly,montly, yearly.
Filter by modality, station name or operator

High-performance Store and Forward

DICOM Router with reliable data transmission

Please contact us for pricing, so we can build a custom solution for your needs and demands