PathoBox: a new digital pathology web-based viewer

Did you know BMD has been developing an innovative solution for whole slide digital pathology image viewing? Know how it works.

While radiology has been thriving with advanced platforms for image viewing and archive, clinical pathology is now on its first steps in its digitalization, particularly in the use of specialty standards (DICOM). In February, BMD has presented the iPATH project, which is being developed in a consortium with the Portuguese partners Centro de Computação Gráfica and the Medical Faculty of University of Coimbra. Today, we provide the latest developments regarding PathoBox, the digital pathology platform that has emerged from this partnership. 



PathoBox is a centralized archive for digital pathology images, 100% web-based. This means it works entirely on the web and does not require any desktop apps. It turns a common browser into a workstation, capable of displaying images at any time and in any place, no matter the user’s device. PathoBox translates into a flexible solution, with reduced hardware and software requirements and lower costs for entities involved. 

In addition, it is an environmentally-friendly solution, from the image acquisition step to the remote clinical revision. The physician can elaborate a complete clinical report, with intelligent tools available in the system, that can be used with few clicks. Furthermore, PathoBox supports multiple institutions and has an integrated user and permission management system, easily accessible on the web by users with administrative privileges.  The software is also prepared to be an annotations platform, with an “export annotations” capability, and a set of interfaces to be used in the development of artificial intelligence tools, or the integration of the existing ones in the market.

The iPATH project is funded by:

Compete 2020 - Tecnimoplás

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