PACScenter use cases: adaptability to any scenario

During the past years, PACScenter has been in use for the most diverse scenarios. In fact, a PACS can do so much for an organization and, with a modern solution, there is nothing you can’t do.

As its name suggests, a PACS – Picture Archiving and Communication System – would let its organization store, view, and share medical imaging studies. While providing a wide set of tools, doctors have been analyzing and sharing their reports with patients and other professionals, using PACS in its most traditional way. However, there are many other situations where a PACS facilitates workflows. 



Use PACScenter as a bridge between several institutions

Did you know that PACScenter is connecting more than 100 hospitals in Central Asia? This is allowing a modernization of the communication between physicians and patients, which can be faster than in cases where hospitals are still using paper and film exams. In addition, by being totally web-based, PACScenter is also allowing the exams and reports to be sent by e-mail and received instantly no matter where the person is. In tough times, these remote-friendly characteristics are definitely a plus.


A platform for remote radiology learning

PACS  are used a lot for their image manipulation features. Some advanced solutions bear additional advantages, like annotations, which allow to add lines, create measurements, and even leave text annotations directly in the studies with the possibility to share them with other users. Furthermore, it allows adding several reports per study. Can you imagine a non-traditional way in which these features can be used? They seem very interesting to aid in the training of radiology everywhere, by allowing the easy sharing of knowledge, tips, and tricks only experienced physicians have.

This non-traditional way of teaching is not merely thought about. PACScenter is already being used in these terms, by supporting a large teleradiology remote learning platform, which allows access through more than 90 countries!


Modernization of traditional radiology

Even if your institution requires a traditional system, did you know PACScenter can modernize even the most simple tasks necessary to the optimization of your workflow? For example, it has a built-in CD Reader, which allows you to open any study, visualize it, and store it for further analysis. The CD will no longer be necessary and you can tell your patient to leave it at home or simply to be relaxed in case he or she has forgotten it. Moreover, all the Media Devices can be imported and exported in batches.

If some of these scenarios catch your attention, contact us at More about these subjects will be available in the next few months. Stay tuned!

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