NetPathology at AcTTiVAte’s Workshop

Last week BMD attended the AcTTiVAte’s Workshop “Innovation through cross-sectoral technology transfer in the Health & Agrifood sectors” organized by INEGI.

The event took place on Friday, the 8th of March in Alfândega do Porto (Portugal).

During this workshop, BMD had the opportunity to demonstrate NetPathology and discuss several topics on the Health & Agrifood Sectors with both a Portuguese and European public.

To implement NetPathology, we will develop:

1)  a large-scale pathology archive, with support for multiples manufactures and

2) a web pathology viewer fully compliant with DICOM standard communications and data formats.

One of the main advantages of this platform is that it provides the possibility of asking for second opinion diagnostics.

Besides, it also allows the pathologist to access and search through the patient’s history – something often complicated by the need of digital microscopes and the necessity of blades to perform that same diagnosis.



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