Montra now supports Azure AD OAuth2 authentication

What is Montra?

Biomedical data catalogues are commonly used to capture and present information about specific entities. However, the construction of a web-based catalogue for a particular scenario normally implies the development of a specific and dedicated solution. A rapid-application development framework could facilitate the integration and discovery of health data, using a framework which relies on an easy-to-use skeleton, from which a fully developed web data catalogue is constructed. MONTRA is an open source framework that facilitates the setup of health data catalogues and the integration and discovery of multiple datasets.

Montra Front Page
Montra’s front page, featuring the option to log-in via Azure AD Single Sign-On.

What is Azure Active Directory, and how does it work?

Azure Active Directory is a cloud based identity and access management service that offers single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access. Azure AD also allows for the centralized management of identities and their access to applications. This can be achieved simply by creating and configuring an application instance in an Azure AD tenant, and adapting the application to support one of the authentication methods supported by Azure AD.

Montra now supports Azure Active Directory authentication using the protocol OAuth2. In order to enable this authentication provider, it is necessary to configure both the Azure AD tenant and Montra using the necessary application and Azure AD credentials. This allows for the use of an Azure AD tenant as an identity provider for Montra and enables single sign-on. Thus, creating the possibility of logging into Montra with a user account created in the Azure AD tenant.

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