Exciting news in NeoScreen: multiple diagnoses feature

NeoScreen is now in version 3.6.1 and supports multiple disease diagnoses, making it more flexible for your laboratory to perform screenings and export the results.

NeoScreen is a complete platform for decision support in newborn screening programs based on MS/MS technology, that allows the detection of abnormalities related to metabolic diseases.

The platform works by screening a disease through a set of pre-determined rules and, when those rules are not followed, the application performs an output that identifies the predisposition for that disease. As it seems, this allows screening institutions to fasten their workflows and deliver results with tighter quality control than through simpler methods.

With the latest version, it is now possible to search, visualize samples, add comments and export the results and diagnoses for several diseases at the same time. This reduces even more the waiting times for the results.

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