Exciting news from IMAGE-IN – Free courses in Medical Imaging

Participation is open to all the community, but with limited spots. Guarantee yours by filling this form or contact BMD Software directly at info@bmd-software.com. After registering, you will receive further information in your inbox.

BMD Software is happy to announce that we will be providing a four-day workshop, with courses related to this project, and we are welcoming people who would like to join and know more about this.

During the course of these days, we will host online sessions regarding the following topics:

  • Diversity of Biomedical Imaging – April 16, from 9-10h30 (Lisbon Time); 10-11h30 (CEST)

The first session will be held Friday, the 16th of April, by Augusto Silva, from the University of Aveiro. Diversity of Biomedical Imaging will be a lecture about different acquisition processes and origins of biomedical imaging, such as CT, MRI, X-Ray and other imaging modalities.

  • Medical Imaging Networks – April 23, from 9-10h30 (Lisbon Time); 10-11h30 (CEST)

Our second session will be provided by Carlos Costa, also from the University of Aveiro. The lecture will explore the fundamentals of medical imaging standards, such as DICOM, and you will learn the basics of how the standard is composed and how to describe the available services and interactions with imaging workflows and PACS. This session will be held on Friday, the 23rd of April, from 09.00 to 10.30 (WEST).

  • PACScenter and PathoBox, visualization tools for medical imaging – April 30, from 9-10h30 (Lisbon Time); 10-11h30 (CEST)

In this project’s third session, you will get to know two members of our team, Luís Bastião Silva and Rui Jesus, which will be presenting you PathoBox, PACScenter and the Dicoogle platform. In the context of these innovative platforms, not only the tools and end-user features will be explored but also the programmatic APIs. The images acquired in the IMAGE-IN context will be used for demonstration purposes.

  • Software Engineering for Data Scientists –  April 30, from 10h45-12h00 (Lisbon Time); 11H45-13h (CEST)

In these courses’ last session, Eduardo Pinho, also by BMD Software, will cover concepts related to software engineering targeting data sciences, with emphasis on Open Source development, Containerization principles, Web services and Automated Testing.

Stay tuned to know more about this!


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