BMD contributes to develop a catalogue that is joining patient health information around the world

The continuous digitalization of health care services, together with the increasing diversity of personal biomedical data, have led to an exponential increase in the volume of clinical and disease-specific data that is being gathered daily throughout the world. Though a considerable amount of patient health information does exist, it is usually distributed and hidden in many institutions. In this context, an online platform was developed in order to join patient health information around the world.

The EMIF Catalogue is an online platform, designed as a marketplace, in which the biomedical database is the main entity that is characterized, typically EHR’s or cohort data. One of the main motivations for building the EMIF Catalogue was to allow researchers to find databases which fulfil their particular research study requirements in a quick and easy way.

This portal is a dynamic and flexible system which can be easily customised for different purposes and research interests. It currently fosters several distinct research communities, with different levels of data governance. BMD has been contributing to the EMIF Catalogue initiatives. This portal is publicly available at


You can find out more about this project here.


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