NeoBox is a comprehensive management platform designed to provide an early diagnostic of metabolic diseases in Newborn Screening programs.

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Our PACScenter incorporates a set of tools for medical imaging labs, including a full PACS and several specific DICOM-based applications.

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CardioBox is a plug-and-play tele-ECG platform that uses just a common mailbox, requiring no IT expertise neither server-side equipment to setup your own telemedicine central.

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BMD provides computational solutions for better decision making and knowledge management in health and life science industries. Our main field of expertise is the development and maintenance of medical imaging solutions (e.g. PACS and RIS), of biomedical applications (e.g. genotype-to-phenotype integration), and of bioinformatics tools (e.g. gene and protein analysis).

The introduction of the Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) in neonatal screening laboratories has opened the way to innovative newborn screening analysis. With this technology the number of metabolic disorders that can be detected, from dried blood-spot species, increases significantly. However, the amount of information obtained with this technique and the pressure for quick and accurate diagnostics raises serious difficulties in the daily data analysis. To face this challenge NeoBox and NeoScreen simplifies and speeds up newborn screening diagnostics.